Saturday, November 7, 2009

New crEative handbags by kathleen dUstin Snaps

New   crEative handbags by kathleen dUstin   SnapsThese fellowships are underway to blow your mind away. Kathleen Dustin, who à ¨ Master of Arts, designs and makes bags very strange. Kathleen Dustin All bags are made of polymer clay, which is known for a particular power. Therefore, stresses individual bags of paint, applique and thread, with collections of copyright technique.Her characteristic of fruit-shaped bags, flower bags, bags coffin, brush bags, sacks and bags icon collages with Renaissance paintings for them.The originality and beauty creations Kathleen à ¨ appreciated in Europe, many of its products are exhibited in the museums of North America's leading museum of Fine Craft, magazine and Ornament Museum Wenham (Wenham, Massachusetts)! . But not only the beauty and originality are the characteristics of the creations by Dustin, her handbag à ¨ a functional which, in turn, move has been able to assess clients.